So What Will My Baby Look Like?

Published: 23rd February 2011
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What Will Your Future Baby Look Like? Baby Generator and More Apps

If you frequent the internet on a daily basis, I'm sure you might have stumbled upon those ads that promise to help you predict your baby or predict your death and ask you questions like 'When will you die?' or 'What will your baby look like?'. I've been seeing these kind of applications for a few months now and I think they're pretty good in their own way. Of course some of these softwares require users to register to see the results, etc but there are a lot of them that are free to use and share. With the focus of the market shifting towards great applications for your computer or even your phone, a lot of tiny companies who are just two or three people working together, have been on the rise. Sometimes it turns out the application maker is just a single person doing it from the comfort of his house. There are people who do it for a profit but there are also people who do it for fun.

A couple of days ago I was a little bored and wanted to take a break. So I randomly looked for cool applications to try and I found quite a lot of them. Whatever we might search for, there'll be an application for that. That's how big the industry has become. From seeing how your baby will turn out and how you might die to calculating your BMI and how your crush likes you, the list just goes on and on. These are just from the top of my head, you can think about a lot of other things and get cool tools for sure. See what your baby will look like - What Will My Baby Look Like?

For me, the make my baby tool from stands out and I think its a cool idea and fun thing to try for many people. I think the people behind the marketing of 'Knocked Up' came up with this idea and even made a simple site for people to go and have some fun with making babies. Later a lot of similar tools started popping up. A recent guest post from shows that there are people who'd even get obsessed with these tools. Nothing wrong in it though, the internet is here not just for information but also for entertainment and fun. So if there are tool makers like the ones who made the make my baby tool, I'm sure there will be a lot of people who like it.

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